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The Pallas is NexTool’s new tactical pen designed primarily for female users. Featuring with the powerful Nano-Ceramic striking tip and the craft from precision machined aluminum, the Pallas is durable enough to function as a tough window breaker and self-defence tool. The replaceable ink cartridge is the NASA developed Fisher space pen, which can write at any angle and in most any weather conditions, weather it is in freezing temperatures, boiling heat, or even underwater. The graceful curved design, the clover-shaped cutout and the two available fashionable colors, all make Pallas an easily concealable and lightweight weapon to keep on your pocket or purse.


• Nano-Ceramic striking tip, Stout and powerful glass breaker

Concealed in the pen’s head is a sturdy glass-breaker tip made from Nano-Ceramic,

which is smooth and soft but tough enough to deliver a powerful blow

Durable and effective

Machined out of high quality T7075 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, durable enough for most rugged situations like self-defense, emergency rescue, tactical defense, etc.

• Fisher Space cartridge, writes well in all conditions

The Pallas features the USA-made Fisher Space cartridge SPR4, which is able to write nicely at any angle even in no gravity conditions. It also functions well in freezing temperatures, cold, heat, and even underwater. The Writing traces can be stored for up to 100 years at temperatures below 30°C.

Body Material: T7075 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Strike Tip Material:Nano-Ceramic

Body Finish: Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized

Weight: 0.74OZ/21g

Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen  SPR4( Black)

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