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It’s both a Key Chain and a Bottle Holder. Tightly- bitten processing, effectively prevents the Key Ring falling off, a reassuring helper to place your keys. And have you still worried about a full hand without any space to hold a water bottle when going outdoors? Take a Magic Clip with you! Its function as a Bottle Holder can get you out of that mess and even free your hands while you are hiking, biking and etc. From now on, hanging it from your waist belt or your backpack belt, and then you can go anywhere at any time without hesitation.


•   Kiwa Clip is rust-proof and anticorrosion, durable in use, with the whole body being forged from the high quality 420J2 stainless steel, and the surface finish of the mirror.

•   Availably keeping keys wearing down by pressing down the bottle holder to stabilize them.

•   Lightly hanging and lifting can fix and fetch your water bottle easily.

•   A small body harbors a big role, both as a key chain and a bottle holder, bringing you better experience. 

Material: 420J2 Stainless Steel

Finish: Mirror

Functions: Key Chain & Bottle Holder

Dimensions: 88mm×27mm×17mm

Weights: 35g

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